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The Friday Five

Today's five questions are brought to us by livejournal user amguynes, the letter F, and the number 5.

1. Your favorite book?
2. Your favorite movie?
3. Your least favorite adaptation of a book to a movie?
4. Your least favorite adaptation ever of anything to a movie?
5. Your first ever novel/comic book/movie character crush?

1. The Grapes of Wrath.

2. Henry V (the Kenneth Branagh version)

3. No idea. I don't watch enough movies to pay attention

4. It was a children's book - The Jim Carey version of The Grinch that Stole Christmas

5. David Partridge of The Partridge Family

Good things, bad things

My good thing was being able to return $100 that someone had lost. My daughter and I were having lunch at a fast food restaurant on Wednesday when I spotted $20 bill on the floor. When I picked it up, I realized that it was actually a stack of five $20 bills. I left my name and number at the restaurant and got a call yesterday. My other good thing is details on the planned redesign of the busiest street on my way to work, to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians (lots of seniors live here, and there have been quite a few accidents). Which leads me to my bad thing...

My bad thing was the death of a cyclist yesterday on the segregated bike lane downtown that is supposed to be the safest bike route in the entire city. She was hit by a construction truck making a right turn across the bike lane. Bikes are supposed to have the right of way but the truck driver may not have seen her, or she may not have been paying attention to his turn. Regardless, it is a very bad street design (and one of many problems along this route, which is full of garage entrances and exits for commercial buildings and condos). It is one of six cycling accidents in the city and nearby in the last week. Two left cyclists with critical injuries, one was a hit-and-run that luckily didn't involve major injuries, another was only reported on the traffic news. Just out of town, a 13 year-old was killed. The bad thing isn't the deaths and injuries though (although they are all tragic), it's the victim-blaming I have seen. Instead, we should be focusing on the real issue, as one local city councillor said: we all make mistakes. We need to design our streets so that fewer of them are fatal.


I blame Spikesgirl58

Once again, she is an instigator. A week or two ago she posted Bologna cake and I had to make my own. I ended up using a different recipe, but it was very similar.

I thought it would be truly horrible, but once it had chilled for a bit it was actually decent. That may be even more disturbing than Bologna cake.


Been all artsy and craftsy

Yesterday I got to celebrate mythmaker999's elevation to the Order of the Laurel, the top arts award in my medieval club. As she researches and makes many things related to 16th C Flanders, many of the activities focused around creating the look and feel of peasant weddings and other celebrations from art of the time. A big part of that is the food, so I made five kinds of sausages and two kinds of mustard. Others made cheese pear, apple and strawberry tarts, waffles, breads, and jams/sauces. I blogged about my contribution here: https://siglindesarts.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/apprentice-elevation-part-one-the-food/.

I also made a new costume for the day: https://siglindesarts.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/apprentice-elevation-part-2-the-clothing/.
Alais looked lovely, though I wish I could have gotten her glasses off her before taking the picture. She didn't know I had the camera out though, and I didn't want to spoil her concentration by letting her know:
Part of her ceremony involved a dance, which looked really lovely.



I got up too early, went for a swim and then made five kinds of sausage today. Technically it's only 4 1/2 as the last one needs to refrigerate overnight and then get smoked tomorrow. All are Belgian/German/northern French recipes to be used for a party next weekend in honour of my friend mythmaker999. She loves all things Flenish, and this was the best I could do.

I'm going to go fall asleep now. I should be watching the final Tragically Hip concert with the rest of Canada, but I'm too pooped.



There have been some great stories out of the Olympics:
- the Nigerian rower who had no sponsors but earned herself a silver medal,
- the first Iranian woman to win a medal (tai kwan do),
- the first Filipina to win a medal (don't remember the sport),
- the Indian village boy who couldn't swim but became a rower in the army,
- the Brazilian badminton player whose dad formed a club and trained kids in the favela where he had grown up,
- the classy Canadian race walker who not only supported a competitor who went down part-way through the 50 km race but refused to file an appeal over losing his bronze medal after being bumped on the course and losing by less than a second.

Then there were the more high-profile nice stories: Andy Murray pointing out that he was not the first tennis player ever to win two gold medals but in fact that honour went to the Williams sisters (who have won four each), and kayaker Adam Van Koeverden who called out sexism in much of the reporting about the Olympics in a blog that went viral (at least in Canada) and was published in one of the largest Canadian newspapers.

I love Brazil and was hopeful that they would pull an impressive event out of the predicted disaster. It's the Brazilian way. I worried I would be wrong this time, but so far everything has gone at least as well as expected. I am concerned about whether the Paralympics will go equally well, but that's for another day. Right now, I'm just going to enjoy the Olympic moments.


The Friday Five

1. Do you like ketchup or tomatoes or both?
2. Do you like grape jelly/jam or purple grapes or both?
3. Do you like cider or apples or both?
4. Do you like cream or milk or both?
5. Do you like zucchini bread or zucchini or both?

Easy questions:

1. Tomatoes.
2. Purple grapes (especially the kind people use for making grape jelly - I will eat them until my lips get tingly).
3. Depends - is the cider alcoholic? Are the apples some interesting heritage breed or at least super tasty? If the answer is yes to both, then my answer is both. Because so many commercial apples are bred for longevity and easy transport, I am not a big fan of apples.
4. Both. I drink quite a bit of milk, but rather like recipes that call for cream.
5. Zucchini, though I won't turn my nose up at a nice piece of zucchini bread.

Time change on my swim

Today I went to the pond much later than usual. Normally I go at around 7:00 or 8:00, when there is no-one except a few senior citizens who enjoy the peace and quiet. It's a hot sunny holiday today, so the beach was packed. It felt quite European, with everyone from babies to octogenarians in the water, a guy playing guitar on the beach, and folks changing under towels (a custom I associate with the French Riviera, not Canada). I didn't think I would enjoy it, but in fact I had a lot of fun dodging other swimmers. There were a few brilliant blue dragonflies and I spotted a cormorant waiting patiently for everyone to go home so it could fish. I managed about a half hour before we all got kicked out for the day. The pond closes at 2 pm (it is part of a nature preserve, and it is free and a few minutes by bicycle from my house, so I can't complain).


Changing Tastes

Do you find that what you like has changed over time? I know there are a few things I like better than I did as a kid, but mostly I have remained a fairly adventurous eater. There have been a few changes, though, and I wonder whether it is the food itself or how it was prepared. Today's example is okra.

When I lived in Brazil, I tried the traditional Minas Gerais dish of chicken and okra stew. I thought it was pretty loathsome because of the gluey texture. I haven't had it for years. However, a few years ago I made a spicy andouille sausage and needed something to use it in; the solution was a chicken and smoked andouille sausage dish that also had okra. This week, okra was on clearance sale so I bought 2 pounds of it. I didn't have any andouille, though, and didn't feel like making any, so I found a recipe for that Brazilian chicken and okra stew. I just tasted it and mm.mmmm..mmmm.... The okra had quite a lovely texture. Maybe I didn't cook it as long as it was cooked in restaurants in Brazil?


Cleaning stress

I'm trying to catch up on cleaning and I keep getting sidetracked. There is so much I want to do, but today I just can't break it into manageable chunks and actually finish something (anything!).
How do you do your cleaning?

Poll #2050710 cleaning

How do you organize your cleaning

one room at a time
one kind of cleaning at a time (eg all the dusting)
working from one spot to the next as the tidying takes you (eg stuff that needs to go to the basement leads to basement tidying until something needs to go to the kitchen, etc)
random wandering, picking up stuff and putting it down again
overwhelmed so I don't bother, much
time to check LJ, or FB, or read a book
other (comment below)